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Established in 2002, Cache Media is a Media Solutions company supplying Digital Equipment and Solutions including Marshall HD Mini Cams, Broadcast Monitors from Marshall and Bon, DVEO Video Streaming Solutions, Hardata Servers and 360 Systems Transmission Products.

Our major suppliers Marshall Electronics, DVEO, Hardata and 360 Systems are renowned in broadcast and professional video and continue to lead the industry in engineering innovation while remaining focused on providing the highest quality products with the latest digital video technology.

Cache Media works very closely with the manufacturers to ensure that the products we sell are fully developed to meet local requirements, since we are their sole distributor in UK and Ireland.

Our extensive catalogue includes Mini Cams (and accessories such as PTZ heads and Controllers), Broadcast Monitors, HD video servers, HD Displays, Multichannel Servers, Marshall LCD and field monitors and USB microphones.

The company rationale is to offer high quality/good value products with excellent support and training. All of the products offered by Cache Media have been carefully selected to provide excellent value for money.

Whether your activity is Broadcast, Presentation, Post production for Audio and Video, Rental or other areas, Cache Media will try to find a cost-effective solution to your requirements.

Why Buy From Us

Not only is Cache Media an exclusive distributor for five major suppliers in the UK and Ireland, we carefully select companies which are excellent in terms of their marketability and the reliability of their products. When we sell a product it is tested and prepared for delivery in our own workshops ready for use as soon as it is unpacked.

If we need to support that product we are fully equipped with our own engineers and spares. Because we listen to the market, we tailor our solutions to include only those products which will achieve the desired result. We offer first person advice and consultation with your objectives in mind.

Stuart Cameron, Managing Director

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