Rushworks TV DMX Controlled PTX Universal PanTilt head


vs 102 hdmi

The PTX Model 1L is the Next Generation design that’s compatible with a broader range of cameras, including DSLR and mirrorless body types like the Sony Alpha models and the RX10 IV “bridge” camera with its 25x zoom lens. Other choices include the AJA RovoCam, Blackmagic Micro Studio, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and many more - including cinema cameras and various camcorders. DMX, VISCA, LANC and analog remote camera control protocol supported.

RUSHWORKS PTX Universal PanTilt head

vs 102 hdmi

NEW! RUSHWORKS DMX controlled PTX Universal PanTilt Head In addition to pan and tilt, the PTX fixture provides control of zoom, focus, iris, and record start/stop if the cameras support the commands.