The global Standard for Time Zone Shifting offers some new tricks for Disaster Recovery!

Particularly in the US, and increasingly in Europe, Latin America and the Far East, TV and media programmers face new challenges to ensure their output is reliable and disaster proof. Hurricanes, typhoons, floods, and wildfires with the effects of global warming have made it more difficult than ever for many small and large broadcasters to guarantee non-interrupted continuous broadcasts. Because of these real world concerns in today’s broadcasting environment, globally many stations look into purchasing a remote backup server considering it to be a very low cost yet extremely necessary investment.

The TSS-2470II Linux®OS is 360 Systems’ latest Broadcast Time Delay Server. With four adjustable delay presets it allows you to change the delay as needed with frame accurate delay from 30 seconds to 24 hours or more. The TSS-2470II comes with storage options available for up to 1 week of recorded material in HD resolution. In the case of a “disrupted” broadcast from the main station, the included Remote Workstation software can be used to connect to the server GUI or optional GPIO triggers may also be implemented.

The TSS-2470II provides the ability to adjust the delay setting ‘on-the-fly’ without loss of any currently recorded time. This gives it the flexibility to handle schedule alterations and disaster recovery as well as simple set-and-forget time zone shifting.

Time zone differences can be easily compensated for without the need for manual recording and rebroadcasting. Simply enter the desired delay time and click run or reset the delay time without having to restart the delay. The input feed automatically delays the set amount of time without any further user inputs required.

The TSS-2470II supports all broadcast formats – 720p, 1080i and NTSC/PAL at frame rates of 29.97/59.94 or 25/50 Hz.

360 Systems’ TSS-1080p Variable Time Delay model offers the same features as the TSS-2470II, although it also has the ability to delay a 1080p broadcast from 30 seconds up to 24 hours. The Output Delay channel can pause, variplay, jog, locate or play anywhere within the recorded time which can be vital for applications such as live competitive gaming events and theatrical productions The TSS-1080p maintains the high quality 1080p image by using H.264 compression at 100Mbps to reproduce the delayed feed with exceptional quality.

In addition, with the proliferation of cable and streaming services and the plethora of terrestrial channels now in operation worldwide, broadcasters, large and small, can improve their margins by running a +1 channel to maximize advertising profits.

All the TSS Server Series come with HD and SD compatibility, redundant power and cooling all in a space saving 1U chassis. All the TSS SD / HD SDI Play-to-Air Servers include many hardware performance & feature sets including standard 4TB of RAID 5 protected storage & operating system (upgradeable to 16TB), an 8 core Xeon processor, closed caption / VANC data support, high quality 10 bit video and 24 bit audio and up to 16 channels of embedded audio.

360 Systems Linux® OS based Time Delay servers have long been acclaimed for their affordability and reliability. Established over 45 years ago, California based 360 Systems designs and manufactures technology for the broadcast, entertainment and pro-AV industries. The company’s stated mission is to deliver high-value broadcast products with significantly greater quality, at much lower costs.