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KAUTO Temperature Sensing Thermal Camera Panel.

Now available with Desk Top, Floor Stand or Wall Mount.

With the return to work after Covid-19 under way, ensuring the health and safety of staff is not always easy. You can create one way systems, social distancing and hand sanitiser stations but have you created a environment which is safe and will enhance productivity? You need an environment where everyone feels safe with their colleagues and visitors. A simple, fast, ‘health check’ of the body temperature of staff and visitors goes a long way towards providing peace of mind.

The latest KAUTO temperature sensing camera panel is now available from Newbury based Cache Media Ltd. This thermal camera panel is very quick and easy to deploy and works straight from the box. There is no human contact, no invasion of privacy and it maintains social distancing. It accurately and discreetly screens people for a whole range of requirements including raised body temperatures (a symptom of COVID-19) using thermal imaging, enabling you to guard against the potential spread of infection on your premises.

Cache Media Managing Director Stuart Cameron said: “My personal feeling is that we all need to do our bit to encourage everyone back to work in a safe way as quickly as possible. As people start to go back to work, they want to feel that they are in a safe environment”

Very quick reacting, the recognition distance is from 0.5 to 1.5 metres and only takes 20 milliseconds. This unit senses a range from 30°C to 45 °C (86°F to 113°F), with an accuracy to ± 0.3 °C. The panel triggers a voice prompt when detecting an abnormal temperature. A desk top stand, floor mount stand or a wall mount is available.

Recently installed at the offices of Cornflower Ltd., a leading supplier of bespoke printed products and souvenirs, the system has proved to be a resounding success. Cornflower director Simon Nutbrown said: “I am keen for my team to feel they are working in a safe environment. Along with social distancing measures, one-way systems and hand sanitisers, this device supplied by Cache Media is so simple. It is a great way of giving confidence to staff, helping to get workplaces back up and running as the lockdown eases.”

The panel also has options to do much more, such as mask detection and face recognition. If a face mask is required, the system can be configured to check, and will alert if anyone approaches without one. If the recognised face does not wear a mask, the device will prompt a voice reminder.

Featuring an easy to navigate user interface, this clever technology can be linked to a software database, It uses a highly reliable Linux based system that can be locally programmed for which an SDK (Software Developers Kit) is available. It can be linked to an id card system and even an electronic door security system which can also control turnstiles, including a “traffic light system” available if numbers in an area need to be limited.

Facial recognition takes less than 0.2 seconds and face recognition accuracy is greater than 99% with a capacity to store 50,000 faces. It is able to be used in almost any security situation and connects to a secure door control unit via RS-485 protocol to avoid the door opening if the terminal is destroyed. For peace of mind, it transmits online and offline temperature information to the client software via TCP/IP communication and saves the data for your records.

For many companies, the problem of ensuring the safety of staff to the new health and safety guidelines is a concern. Camera security panels like this provide a cost effective way to build confidence for staff and visitors alike. It improves productivity and creates a good working environment.

The KAUTO unit is available from stock, with next day delivery. There are also leasing options available. For more information please visit: www.cache-media.com

CHECK THIS VIDEO: The unit in use in London