VC-12HU3 diagram

VC-12HU3 3_4 front

Free yourself from the constraints of your PC’s webcam and built-in mic! Use your own choice of sources, including high quality camera, video and audio, together with your web streaming software, with Marshall’s instant, plug and play VAC-12HU3 HDMI to USB3 converter.

The unit converts HDMI 2.0 input to USB 3.0 output with active HDMI loop-through for use in live screen capture, video conferencing, or any other professional PC-based applications. It features a rugged and compact design with power provided through the USB 3.0 output. With the VAC-12HU3′s simple to use, plug-and-play design, enjoy instant hassle-free setup for going live, right out of the box.

Compatible with popular applications including Wowza, Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, and many more, the Marshall VAC-12HU3’s advanced USB 3.0 adapter easily connects video and audio sources to a computer for video conferencing, video production and recording.

Simple to use plug-and-play design seamlessly integrates professional video sources to the host computer with recent operating system, preferably Windows 10 or Mac OS X and your choice of PC-based applications. The HDMI 2.0 input accepts video formats up to UHD. Active loop-through output keeps the source available for other purposes such as feeding monitors, recorders, etc. and UVC protocol support allows the host application to control video format, frame rate and other settings independent of the original source.

Setup couldn’t be easier. The VAC-12HU3 becomes fully functional within seconds after it is connected. Powered by the USB 3.0 port on the host computer, there are no power adapters to fiddle with.

The computer should be powered and operating. Connect the VAC-12HU3 to the host computer using the USB 3.0 cable provided. The first time the unit is used, allow about one minute for the computer to identify the unit and setup the drivers. The red LED on Input Side of the unit will light after about 3 seconds.

Open an application such as Wowza and select the Video and Audio devices. The VAC-12HU3 adapter will identify itself as “MEI USB3.0 Capture Device”. Depending on the application used, the unit may appear as a Camera or a Capture Device.

Connect a video source using the HDMI input. The unit accepts Video Input Formats from 480i/p, 576i/p to 3840 x 2160 50/59/60. The green LED on the Input Side will light indicating that a compatible video source is attached. After about 8 seconds the VAC-12HU3 is operating and ready to use! Control of the VAC-12HU3 depends on the capabilities of the software being used for conferencing, recording, streaming, etc. Most video conferencing applications will automatically set the USB output format to 720p. This does not affect the HDMI loop through output which will remain the same as the input.

If desired, audio may be provided from a source other than the HDMI input. Simply plug the audio source into the 3.5mm audio jack on the unit. When the plug is fully inserted, the incoming HDMI audio will be muted and the new analogue audio will take its place. This audio will appear at BOTH the USB output AND the HDMI output.

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