• N240G-fPostium OBM-N240G
  • 24 inch Precision 3G-SDI Monitor with Professional Feature set.
  • The Postium OBM-N Series are designed for standard HD/SD broadcast and motion picture production monitoring applications. The OBM-N240G utilises a 24″ wide-gamut (DCI-P3) 1920×1200 LCD  and offers capable and affordable HD – HDR monitoring for colour-critical desktop editing applications.All OBM-N Series models accept up to 1080 60P signals displayed at native 1920×1080 resolution and are equipped with standard 3G/HD-SDI input interfaces (x2) as well as an HDMI 1.3a input and analog component/composite I/O.Closed Captioning decode and display for CEA-708(HD-SDI closed captioning standard) and CEA-608(SD-SDI closed captioning standard) is supported via SDI input.

    Wide Colour Gamut

    DCI-P3 colour space is supported with a gamut ratio of 113.02% and total gamut coverage 98.24% for colour-critical and QC monitoring applications.

    Accurate Colour Reproduction with Wide Colour Gamut
    The OBM-N240G provides the industry-leading wide colour gamuts. This monitor complies with the DCI-P3 colour space with gamut ratio 113.02% and gamut coverage 98.24%. This ensures the colours are reproduced according to industry standards.

    Camera Log Selection: The OBM series has the integrated camera LUT of the various camera manufacturers. It allows users to load the following camera logs.Log-C, C-Log / S-Log2, S-Log3 / J-Log1 The more camera LUTs will be updated.

    Gamut Error: The total range of the SDI 10bit signal is 0 to 1023. The range 0 to 3 and 1020 to 1023 are the reserved values for Sync, and the total video signal range is 4 to 1019.
    In a video signal, each primary component should lie between 0 and 100% of the video range between black level and peak level (R and G and B). Ideally, video levels should lie within the specified limits…


    Screen Size: 24 Inch

    Video Resolution: 4K

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080

    Panel Type: LCD

    Inputs: 3G-SDI, BNC, HD-SDI, HDMI, SD-SDI



    • 3G/HD/SD-SDI x 2 Input & 2 Output

    • HDR(High Dynamic Range) Display supporting PQ EOTF(ST 2084), Hybrid Log Gamma, S-Log3

    • 3D-LUT for Accurate Colour Reproduction

    • 1.073 Billion Colours

    • Wide Colour Gamut with DCI-P3 Coverage 99%

    • Camera Log Conversion

    • Camera Log Mapped SDI Loopout

    • Custom 3D LUT File Import Through USB

    • Colour Space Selection (BT.709, DCI-P3)

    • Gamma Selection (1.0 ~ 3.0)

    • Colour Temperature(3200K, 5500K, 6500K, 9300K, USER 1/2/3, D-CINEMA)

    • HDR / SDR, Camera Log Comparison (Side by Side)

    • Waveform, VectorScope (Wave + Vector, Waveform Wide, Position Change, Size Adjustment)

    • Monitor Control via Ethernet, RS-422

    • Various Markers (EBU, 4:3, 16:9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, Variable, Custom)

    • Internal Patterns Display for Colour Test (Black ~ 100% White, Colour Bar)

    • Time Code Display (Position / Size Selection)

    • Easy Firmware Update by USB

    • Fast Mode

    • Focus Assist

    • HDR Waveform

    • Zero Scan / 1:1 Scan

    • H/V Delay

    • Blue/Mono Only

    • IMD (TSL V3.1, V5.0)

    • Key Lock & Password Lock

    • Aspect

    • Freeze

    • De-embedded 8~16ch Audio Level Meter

    • Remote Control via GPI(RJ-45) Port, Ethernet

    • Gamut Error

    • False Colour(Zebra, Colour Pattern, ARRI)

    • False Colour Comparison

    • 3 Colour TALLY Lamp

    • Rack & VESA Mount (Option)

    • Closed Caption(608, 708)

    • System Data Copy


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