Transferring video and audio across IP networks has become an essential capability for broadcasters, film makers, news agencies and videographers worldwide and taking this requirement by the scruff of the neck and expanding on cutting edge technology over the last few years has been Californian manufacturer DVEO.

There is a bewildering array of formats and requirements to both encoding and decoding options with current technology and, amongst a range of other solutions, DVEO has produced two units which will satisfy almost every need and which are now available from UK distributors Cache Media Ltd.

Cache Media MD; Stuart Cameron said: “These two units are ideal for either streaming video from remote sites or receiving and decoding video from RTMP, RTSP, or HTTP compatible sources such as IP cameras or YouTube®, converting IP streams to HD-SDI wherever they may come from and feeding Live IP Camera Views into multiviewers from Jupiter Systems and RGB Spectrum, etc. They provide cost effective solutions to most video streaming operations and we are able to back them up with advice and after sales from our base in Newbury.”

The first product is the MultiStreamer™ DIG/IP 1-16ch: TELCO. This is the latest version of DVEO’s flagship cost effective origin encoder. The original MultiStreamer has been in production for five years and has sold over 2,500 units. It is designed as a general purpose workhorse, able to stream several simultaneous streams at different resolutions with any streaming protocols. The DIG/IP 1-16ch: TELCO is designed for mission critical applications and features dual power supplies. Inexpensive high volume hardware platforms combined with highly enhanced open source Linux® based software offer great value. It offers high performance streaming solutions that are based on open source libraries. DVEO have enhanced the libraries by rewriting critical sections to obtain outstanding reliability and throughput. This unit is designed to be affordable, scalable, and extendable. Modifications to video formats are easily created. Remote management and multi level security is built in. Recent options include 4:2:2 with 10 bit colour space support.

The D-Streamer IP/DIG is a real time H.264 or MPEG-2 decoder that receives IP transport streams and decodes them to SDI or HD-SDI. It accepts a wide variety of IP protocols, wrappers, and containers but is highly tuned for HLS and RTSP. The system is ideal for converting IP streams from anywhere into SDI or HD-SDI streams.

Broadcasters and content providers can use DVEO’s MultiStreamer™ DIG/IP to encode SDI or HD-SDI to H.264 IP or H.265, then decode the streams with the D-Streamer IP/DIG. This embedded Linux® based unit is designed to be affordable, scalable, and extendable. Modifications to video formats are easily created. Remote management and multi level security is built in.

In addition, DVEO’s “DOZER™” provides automated UDP Packet Recovery Technology and can be added to the D-Streamer to achieve error-free real-time video delivery to MSO, cable operator, Affiliate, or regional head ends when paired with a DOZER equipped encoder.

The DVEO product line is rich and varied and has recently been upgraded to support OTT and IPTV. In order to enable OTT and IPTV one needs a device that manages and services video players. The new IPTV DASHBOARD™ supports several well known players like JW Player™ and THEOplayer™, and zXORA™ which is licensable from DVEO.

For more information please contact Cache Media Ltd.

H.264, MPEG-2 and H.265 Video and Audio Decoder -- D-Streamer IP          MultiStreamer DIG/IP 1-4ch: TELCO -- Telco Version H.264 and Opt