Multichannel IP over H.264 Decoder with IP In and 2-4 ch HDSDI or HDMI Out


Broadcast Quality, Frequency Agile, 1 RU, Modular, 1-4 Tuner HDTV Receiver and Decoder with 4 Each On Board HD or SD MPEG-2 or H.264 TS Decoders with IP Unicast or Multicast (with Pro-MPEG FEC), or ASI, or DVB-S, DVB-S2 In and SDI, HD-SDI, ASI, or IP Out. Dolby AC-3 and MPEG Audio Decoder with BNC Connectors. Ideal Receiver for Comprehensive Off Air Monitoring of Multiple On Airs via RF or IP for Master Control or ENG Trucks. Features Many On Screen Diagnostics Displayed as Overlay. Supports AES-3 id Audio as well as MPEG-1/2, PCM, and AC-3. Supports BISS and Other CA. SNMP Management.

IN: 4 each of IP, DVB-ASI, DVB-S+S2

OUT: Up to eight HD-SDI/SDI outputs (two per module), plus ASI, SMPTE-310M, MPEG over IP, AAC (H.264), or AC-3 Audio

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    • Receiver/Decoder with up to 4 tuner/decoder modules
    • Supports Pro-MPEG FEC on IP input
    • Inputs: Up to 4 channels of DVB-S/S2, IP, and DVB-ASI
    • Each tuner/decoder module may have up to three BNC connectors which can be DVB-ASI input, DVB-ASI output, or AES-3 PCM or compressed audio output
    • Outputs: Up to eight HD-SDI/SDI outputs (two per module), plus ASI, and/or MPEG over IP
    • Audio outputs: MPEG, PCM, or AC-3
    • Includes CAM module and BISS-1/E support
    • Supports “Stream All” for all RF to IP
    • May choose digital stream from satellite or DVB-ASI or IP signal with or without auto switching on loss of “lock”
    • H.264 (MPEG-4) or MPEG-2 MP@HL compliant video decoder supplies digital video signal
    • Digital video signal compliant with SMPTE-259M or SMPTE-292M (SDI) with embedded 8 channel audio (SMPTE-299M) or embedded compressed audio
    • Dolby Digital® AC-3 and HE-AAC and MPEG-1/2 5.1 channel audio decoder, MPEG-2 AAC-LC (13818-7), MPEG-4 HE-AACv1 (14496-3.2003) support, MPEG-4 HE-AACv2 (14496-3.2004) not available
    • Dolby Digital® AC-3 or PCM stereo audio selectable over BNC connector
    • SDI video signal with 1080i/720p/576p/576i (480i) video mode
    • Supports subtitles
    • Down converts HD input to SD out if requested
    • Firmware upgradeable via Internet
    • SNMP management support (GigE)
    • 2 lines by 40 characters LCD display


    • Off air satellite receiver
    • MPEG-2/4/H.264 HD Decoder
    • HD-SDI file playback
    • Content repurposing
    • RF to IP with RFC 3022
    • Multichannel IP decoder