London – January 2016 : Broadcast specialists Cache-Media supplied ten of the highly regarded Marshall HD Minicams to hosts Gfinity for the UK Finals of The Halo World Championships, which offers a total of $2M in prize money. They were held at The Gfinity Arena in the Vue Cinema in Fulham Broadway, London on the 15th – 17th January 2016.

The event was extremely well attended with enthusiastic audiences watching and impressive viewing numbers on the streaming service as the UK’s best teams competed for the coveted title of UK and ROI Champion; with a £10,000 prize pool and the even more desirable invitation to the EMEA Finals.

The set up included 4 gamers in each team and 2 teams on the stage at any one time. The output of each gamer’s console was selected and shown on the Cinema screen from a high quality cinema projector. The gamers played in a sound proofed room while a panel discussed and commentated on the live action on screen.

The organisers were faced with an unusual requirement. They needed high quality small cameras that performed well in low light to be trained on the Gamers and then for the output of the camera to be seen picture in picture on the main output of the gaming consoles and onto the Cinema screen. Clever switching from an app, written by Gfinity, made the output of each gamer’s console with the PIP of the gamer appear on the main screen when selected by their Blackmagic switcher.

The cameras had to be small enough so as not to obstruct the spectators view of the gamer but at the same time it needed to show the face of the gamer, but in low light so as not to affect his performance. The solution was to use the 10 x Marshall CV 502 MB mini cams outputting HDSDI at a frame rate of 59.94 fps with a menu setting of auto colour. This meant that even in low light the cameras remained in colour.

Gfinity Technical Manager Paul Kent said:“Gfinity has long wanted to show our audience around the world the human emotions that our competitors go through. However we were unable to find a product which would deliver the quality we require in such difficult conditions. When we discovered the Marshall range we could not believe the quality that the cameras were able to produce at such an appealing price point”

The Halo World Championship is the largest Halo eSports competition in the history of the iconic franchise. It was announced on August 4th, 2015 with a trailer shown during Microsoft’s Gamescom showcase.With a prize pool of over $2,000,000 USD, there has never been a Halo tournament with higher stakes. It is also the first major tournament featuring invited teams from all regions of the world.

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