Newbury – December 2014 – Broadcast specialist Cache Media has supplied Wimbledon based AV specialists Present Communications with five Marshall M-Lynx 702 7″ Rackmountable 1024 x 600 LCD Display units. The M-LYNX-702 Dual 7″ LCD display is a feature-packed, economical solution perfect for fly-packs, control rooms, routing rooms and countless other video system applications.

Kieron Garlic of Present Communications comments: “We’ve been looking for screens to rack up with our video conferencing equipment. We wanted 2 screens as this fits with the most common configuration for video conferencing, one for far end video and one for far end content. Connectivity is always an issue and so we wanted something with as much flexibility as possible to match the flexibility offered by our codecs and also something that was hard wearing and durable. Lastly, we wanted something that we wouldn’t be afraid to put in front of a customer. So, with Marshall’s reputation, the M-Lynx 702 fitted the bill.”

Cache Media’s Stuart Cameron adds: “Multiple video inputs set this product apart from similar-looking products. With the M-LYNX-702, you are not limited to the single SDI connector you may find on competitor models. With a full complement of digital and analog connections for each screen, when the unexpected happens, you will be ready. Standard power and tally connections as well as a logical menu structure make this display an easy choice for flexible system designs.”

Present Communications is currently investing in video conferencing and webcasting equipment and infrastructure aimed at making the company the UK’s leading provider of connected AV for live events. It currently stocks five Cisco C90 video codecs, the most fully featured video codec available, and is the only company in the UK to offer it for hire. Present Comminications works alongside some of the UK’s largest technical production companies, as their video conferencing and webcasting department, offering a variety of specialist services such as firewall traversal and IP connectivity in hard to reach places.

Kieron concluded: “Our clients use us because of the quality and reliability of our equipment and the technical expertise of our staff. Our equipment needs to match this expectation.”