The AR-AM4-BG is a 4-channel stereo analog audio monitoring system with DSP and Peak Meters. It features stereo loudspeakers in a compact 1RU form factor, with analog amplification and digital processing. A front panel bi-color phase indicator displays the phase relationship between the left and right channels. At only 6.0″ deep, the AR-AM4-BG can be installed in many shallow rack cases or placed on any level surface.
This unit is enhanced with four pairs of balanced XLR inputs, along with a balanced XLR output for interfacing to downstream equipment. Controls include separate headphone and speaker volume with master balance and a front panel MUTE button. The unit’s dual 10-segment bar graph meters provide the ability to visually monitor the audio source. A powerful DSP-controlled EQ (coupled with a limiting compressor) provides unparalleled, pristine sound and speaker protection.Please contact us for latest prices and information here.


  • Fits 1RU rack space
  • High Fidelity Miniature Speakers
  • Bi-Color Phase Indicator
  • Volume and Balance controls
  • Channel Selector
  • High Quality DSP Processing
  • Real Panel RS-485 for external control
  • 4 Analog Stereo-Balanced XLR Inputs
  • 1 Passive Stereo-Balanced XLR Output
  • 1/4″ Stereo Headphone Jack on front panel
  • Dual 10-segment Bar Graph Peak Meters
  • Headphones automatically mute internal speakers
  • Front Panel Mute Button
  • CE approved / RoHS compliant
  • FREE pair of Marshall Master Series
    10′ XLR Cables included (M10)