RM-072 is a recordable monitor that records motion pictures in mov format with H.264 CODEC. In addition to general video recording, it is ideal for camera operators and editors to review their shots instantly at every moment. It accepts various formats and can record them. The audio signal can be replaced with Line In instead of original audio.
Because the monitor itself provide a list of footages recorded recently, the user can review the shots frequently without touching the camera. The audio source can be changed with another audio instead of the original audio embedded in the video cable. Please contact us for latest prices and information here.


  • 720 30P/25P H.264 Record/Playback in mov Format
  • Thumbnail File List
  • Focus Assistance
  • False Color
  • Various DSLR Scales
  • 8~16ch Audio Level Meter
  • Various Frame-Line Markers
  • Pixel-to-Pixel View
  • Various Play Mode (Play, Loop Play, FF, REW, Frame, Slow)
  • (Partial) Firmware Update with USB Memory