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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Say Goodbye To Cables And ‘Beam Me Up’!

The BEAMLINK-DUO’s 2-channel wireless video transmission (2 TX to 1 RX) Tally function; supports 2 channels HD video transmission and in 1 RF channel provides a seamless connection between RX and video switcher. With simple installation; convenient operation and flexible application, it eliminates the hassle of running wires for multi-position shoots.

CVW Swift 800

The Swift 800 is an indoor video link system for Full HD transmissions up to 250 m (800 ft) away. The video link operates without DFS, allowing the radio frequency in the 5 GHz range to be manually selected to bypass sources of interference. Both transmitter and receiver have an HDMI connection, which transmits video material up to 1080/60p with a latency of 60 to 70 ms.