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KAUTO Temperature Sensing Thermal Camera Panel. Now available with Desk Top, Floor Stand or Wall Mount.

With the return to work after Covid-19 under way, ensuring the health and safety of staff is not always easy. You can create one way systems, social distancing and hand sanitiser stations but have you created a environment which is safe and will enhance productivity? You need an environment where everyone feels safe with their colleagues and visitors. A simple, fast, ‘health check’ of the body temperature of staff and visitors goes a long way towards providing peace of mind.

KAUTO Temperature Measurement, Mask Detection and Face Recognition camera

KAUTO, the latest temperature sensing camera panel is now available. This KAUTO thermal camera panel is very quick and easy to deploy and works straight from the box. There is no human contact, no invasion of privacy and it maintains social distancing. It accurately and discreetly screens people for a whole range of requirements including raised body temperatures (a symptom of COVID-19) using thermal imaging, enabling you to guard against the potential spread of infection on your premises.

Lockdown TV thanks to the Marshall VAC-23SHU3

TV is changing our viewing experience, at least for the time being. With lockdown and self isolation ruling out any chance of producing traditional dramas, comedies and reality shows, TV production companies are turning to entertainment that can be made in homes across the country. To this end BBC 3 has been shooting a pilot gameshow with a difference, assisted by outside broadcast consultancy Proimage Solutions.

Stream High Quality Video and Audio with the Marshall VAC-12HU3

Free yourself from the constraints of your PC’s webcam and built-in mic! Use your own choice of sources, including high quality camera, video and audio, together with your web streaming software, with Marshall’s instant, plug and play VAC-12HU3 HDMI to USB3 converter.

The Marshall VAC-23SHU3 for Enhanced Video and Audio Streaming

vs 102 hdmi The Marshall 10-bit VAC-23SHU3 converts HDMI 2.0 or 3G-SDI (BNC) inputs to USB 3.0 output with active HDMI/3G-SDI (BNC) loop-throughs for use in live screen capture, video conferencing, or any other professional PC-based applications

The Marshall VAC-23SHU3 for Enhanced Video and Audio Streaming

Frustrated by the limitations imposed by your computer’s web cam and built-in audio? Now you can use your choice of sources, including high quality camera, video, audio together with your web streaming software with Marshall’s advanced instant, plug and play, SDI/HDMI Video to USB 3.0 adapter.

Postium OBM N240G

vs 102 hdmi New Postium OBM-H120 12" Super Bright Monitor Postium OBM-N240G 24 inch Precision 3G-SDI Monitor with Professional Feature set. The Postium OBM-N Series are designed for standard HD/SD broadcast and motion picture production monitoring applications. The OBM-N240G utilises a 24″ wide-gamut (DCI-P3) 1920×1200 LCD and offers capable and affordable HD – HDR monitoring for colour-critical desktop editing applications.All OBM-N Series models accept up to 1080 60P signals displayed at native 1920×1080 resolution and are equipped with standard 3G/HD-SDI input interfaces (x2) as well as an HDMI 1.3a input and analog component/composite I/O.

Marshall CV503 WP

vs 102 hdmi The Marshall CV503-WP Weatherproof Miniature HD Camera is the professional solution for capturing crisp video in true colour at outdoor broadcast events and AV applications where weather becomes a factor. The CV503-WP offers interchangeable lenses, remote adjustable settings, and protection from the elements in a compact IP67-rated housing.

The Future is Bright with a Postium OBM H120 Monitor!

The BEAMLINK-DUO’s 2-channel wireless video transmission (2 TX to 1 RX) Tally function; supports 2 channels HD video transmission and in 1 RF channel provides a seamless connection between RX and video switcher. With simple installation; convenient operation and flexible application, it eliminates the hassle of running wires for multi-position shoots.

Postium OBM H120 Super Bright

vs 102 hdmi New Postium OBM-H120 12" Super Bright Monitor The Postium OBM-H Series are designed for daylight monitoring in HD/SD broadcast and motion picture production monitoring applications. The OBM-H120 utilises a 12.1” 1280x800 resolution LCD with a maximum luminance output of 2000 cd/m².